13 Year Old Luke Talks about Klinefelter Syndrome

Luke was the first kid I did a youtube video with 2 years ago. Now he is back helping spread awareness talking about what it is like to do TRT and PT. Luke is changing the stigmas and helping so many kids his age.

His first video is here:

source: https://gcetirunelveli.com

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8 thoughts on “13 Year Old Luke Talks about Klinefelter Syndrome”

  1. I was born as XXY too!!! Took a chromosome test and it confirmed why I’ve always felt different and why my body is shaped more woman like with a few masculine parts which I’ve started to correct transitioning. As I’ve always felt female (xx) rather than XXY.

    Thank you so much for speaking about this! Sending love from Laguna Beach, CA.

  2. My son is 8 with klinefelter's and has hit puberty. They tell me that he has to do injections once a month or get an implant that lasts a year to stop him from producing testosterone. Have u heard of this before?

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