39 Colorful Fashion Hacks FOR YOUR BORING CLOTHES


If you are tired of your old t-shirts and want to turn them into something cool, you should watch this video. You will find a lot of tutorials how to revamp your old t-shirt using bleach. These tutorials will help you to create various prints using cookie cutters, laces, feathers, painters tape and more. It’s not difficult at all to create for example a print with feathers. You will need 3-4 feathers, place them on your t-shirt. Pour bleach into spray and spray it over feathers. Next, remove feathers and your new t-shirt is ready! Same method you can use using fabric paint and spray. Check out one more cool drawing technique that you can use to decorate t-shirts – string painting. It’s a perfect method to create beautiful abstract prints literally in a minute. We share more ideas to renew your old and boring t-shirt. The easiest way to create a new print on a t-shirt is to make stamps. You will need a piece of foam paper and cut out any shape out of it. We made the easiest shape – triangle. Attach a wine cork to the triangle using hot glue. Take a bowl and pour bleach. Dip a stamp into bleach and create a picture on your t-shirt. Also, you can create any print using a hot glue gun and spray bleach over it. Remove the hot glue and enjoy! Moreover, you can make the best tool to create various prints on t-shirts – bleach pen. Follow this easy tutorial on how to make it: take a bowl and pour bleach into it. Next, remove the tip out of a highlighter and soak it until the original color is gone. It will take a couple of hours. After that make a colorful background, take a bleach marker and start creating.

00:09 How to revamp an old t-shirt
01:22 Tie-dye print
02:30 String painting
05:58 DIY Bleach pen
09:59 Polka dot print

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