25 thoughts on “BABY PHAT ENTERPRISE: How Kimora Lee Simmons pioneered 2000's fashion”

  1. I finally added a link to the intro song for you guys. Shameless plug: One of our *oversized* nostalgia tees, Model Mayhem features Kimora. Available for pre-order on our site. https://www.shopblackfemininity.com/

  2. I would have to disagree with you saying Kimora Lee Simmons is a self-made billionaire because it was her ex-husband who put her on

  3. I think her launching in forever21 was a smart move, we are all talking about it, I bought some and youtubers we’re doing reviews left and right. Either way I loved her old and new styles

  4. Kimora lee is so beautiful, i absolutely love her …of course people would try to bully her because people HATE happy, beautiful & talented people … love that she stayed doing her not worried about haters and her daughter looks exactly like her too💀💗🥺

  5. Beginning of the video: Black Women DRESSED /LOOKING Like WHITE Women. But oh …. let White Women dress like a Black Girl , all hell break lose. Seriously Black People.

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