Eating LOCAL STREET FOOD in HOI AN! – Vietnamese Cao lầu, Mì Quảng, Com Ga + MORE!

Hoi An is known for so many local street food dishes like Cao lầu, Mì Quảng, Com Ga and so much more! Today we’re on a mission to explore Hoi An and try as many local foods as we can. The day didn’t go as smooth as we hoped 😄But we still managed to stuff our faces… which we consider a success 🙌


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29 thoughts on “Eating LOCAL STREET FOOD in HOI AN! – Vietnamese Cao lầu, Mì Quảng, Com Ga + MORE!”

  1. The small noodle like in your broken rice dish is called “bì”. It is pork skin (no fat) cut into small pieces and then mix it with rice flour.

  2. The noodle dish you eat in Hoi An is called “Mì Quảng” which originated in Central Việt Nam. It serve with little broth. Before you eat you have to mix it up to soak everything with the broth at the bottom.

  3. RABIES😱😱😱 is BIG news TODAY and I immediately thought about ERIC and ALLISON (who like to pet animals) and I just have to send them a message today!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT PET THE ANIMALS WHEN VISITING THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES! 😳😳😳

    More likely than not, those cute puppies and cats😿 found in Third World countries are NOT VACCINATED! A woman from Norway contracted RABIES😷 from a puppy she rescued while visiting the Philippines. She became very ill after returning to her home country. Sadly, she tragically died from this agressive virus despite being treated in the intensive care unit. Love your vlogs! 👍👍👍

  4. Man I've really watched this channel grow so much. I remember when this channel was around 10k and now it's over 200k and the video production and quality has improved so much. You guys have found your own. 💕🌻

  5. Hi guys, in Southeast Asia don’t be afraid to try the many tiny, hidden and unassuming food stalls in local alleyways or along the roadsides. Often, they have the best food!

  6. just passed by your videos few days ago and immediately hit subscribed after that. Love the positive vibes throughout this video and it has brought back all the memories I had in Hoi An. Definitely made me want to go back there and try those delicious food again

  7. hôm trc mình có ăn mì quảng ở 1 quán ở HN đc đánh giá khá cao,mì thịt bò, nhưng cảm nhận sợ nó như sợ phở chập lại và sợi mì chỉ ấm nên ăn cảm giác nước sốt vs mì bị ngăn cách v. Kb miền trong món này có như vậy k. hay mình k hợp:)))

  8. You guys deserve more views! Your material is awesome stuff and the chemistry between the both of you is pure simplicity, love the videos hope yall the best, cheers from Costa Rica!!!

  9. Best cau lao is inside the market (look for stalls with the most people) and you can find fabulous mi quang in Da Nang, which is one of the best foodie destinations in Vietnam. The key to finding things open is understand the local rhythms. Most of the places patronised by locals specialise in 1-2 items and open for particular meals, within limited time ranges. So, for example, if you haven’t had your breakfast by 8:30am, you may be missing the best options.

  10. Mì Quảng = Quảng Noodle or Quảng Nam Noodle (Quảng Nam stands for Quảng Nam province)
    Cơm Gà = Chicken Rice
    Cao lầu is only available in Hoi An

  11. holy crap that red chilli sauce on the first dish looked HOT! Those drink were so cheap! I am heading to vietnam in the next month or so, so good to know it isn't going to break the bank! I am in Thailand at the moment and have been wanting to make a street food vlog but I am vegan and the street food I have seen here hasn't been too vegan friendly, I imagine vietnam to be fairly similar? Great video guys! Really enjoyed it!

  12. Dude… she even mentioned ahead of time how excited she was to try the quail egg. Sharing is caring. Let the lady have the egg.

  13. Thought you should include the price, so the viewers know what to expect or those who have already been there know whether you got ripped off or not.

  14. Mì Quảng = cantonese style noodle (or a Vietnamese person's interpretation of it). it's one of my favorite noodle dishes. If you haven't tried Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang, that's the other one that's also amazing. It's the Vietnamese interpretation of Phnom penh noodles. Order it dry instead of in broth.

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