Fashion List: Jinkee Pacquiao's Favorite Luxury Bags | Metro.Style

As a woman who has fought through the different arenas in life, Jinkee Pacquiao does seem to have conquered everything and put them under her belt.

But the thing that still knocks her off of her feet is her fondness for luxury bags. Find out what other things spark joy in our Favorite Style Icon by visiting Metro.Style. now

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35 thoughts on “Fashion List: Jinkee Pacquiao's Favorite Luxury Bags | Metro.Style”

  1. Pa subscribe nman guys tulungan taung mapalaganap SA pinas ang maging vloger dahil dito ki2ta talaga tau at malaking tulong satin lahat

  2. The Himalayan Hermes Bag actually costs, 15Million pesos.. only her and Heart E. Own that bag. Marian R. Has one, but it’s a smaller version.

  3. Mabait ang pamilya nila no wonder overflowing ang blessings nila. Mga humble sila pati mga anak mga hindi brats. Kung tutuusin mga lumaki ng mayaman pero mga mbabait

  4. But if ever I tutor your children I will do my best but any way I'm a teacher Beed education I am a future educator someday if I have.

  5. Hollywood stars only wears hermes bags. People thatis welllnown in terms of their philantropic work and welknown stars in hollywood.

  6. Omg do something to save the world. Not to display your nice things only few can relate especially in the philippines. Crocodile and hermes bags can be worn like Elizabeth Taylor and Sudrey Hepburn but you . You have mo name…

  7. Deserve nya lahat ng yan.
    Hehehe. Pagnakikita ko sya di ko napapansin mga expensive things na dala nya kasi ang sya lang nakikita ko kasi GANDA nya… IDOL

  8. yes we deserve to happy pero pagnasa Dios ang buhay natin dapat magmapakumbaba tayo, no need to show to the world that we are rich

  9. Galing lahat yan sa boxing pagka alog ng utak ni manny. Di nya ninakaw yan. Deserve nya maglustay. Kanilang kanila yan

  10. About time for her to enjoy her MILLIONS , just reminder Ms. Jinkee " BULSA NABOBOTAS DIN, TAO TUMATANDA AT NAMAMATAY . Enjoy your WEALTH !! Lucky GOD IS WATCHING !!!

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