32 thoughts on “FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 66 – Theme : Questing The Shore”

  1. Ugh, Fashion Report is such a rich person’s game. Ain’t nobody got 1-2 million Gil for no ugly pants they’ll use once and can’t resell.

  2. amazing i got a 97 with all the items you specified except the pants. I used holy rainbow sarouel for it since dreadwyrm was too expensive. :)!

  3. I hit a random 100 score while combining the colors and the theme items, but without the legs, i instead used Rainbow Sarouel of Scouting.

  4. I'm very new to the game and this is really helping me catch up. I should be able to get to the car before the deadline thx to your help ^_^

  5. didn't have any of the non-vendor gear and wasn't gonna spend >150k for each piece. Got an 87 with the vendor pieces and whatever I thought might help that was in my bags. 🙂 Spent 3k gil, get 60k MGP. Quite a deal again this week! https://imgur.com/X6jSadc That top is nice, might buy it after this week and the prices aren't stupid. 😉

  6. Thank you so much for your advices .Always a pleasure watching and works like a charm :)I did not have the pants but with the orange dye on moonfire sandals and makai trousers i still pulled of 95 .

  7. Hey Meoini i did this with coliseum galerus, replica dread wyrm fending pants, moonfire sandals and danburite ring. The icons had gold around them but only scored a 50

  8. I went to see if the Pagos Sandals would work but realized I'd stupidly glamoured over them so they didn't count. On that note, the Strife Shoes don't work-

  9. Thanks again for another great vid. Gonna get my 5th car this week once i've got past the ultima weapon on my 5th character as well as the hairstyle then i'm all done for the collab event. (The Noctis hair looked good on my fem miqo but not sure if it will look as good on my fem au ra)

  10. Replica Dreadwyrm Tonban is 2.5 mil on Malboro's Market Board, and besides the other mats, no Neo Aetherstone – Leg Gear is being sold. It's a pity there's no alternatives to legs. But I'll have 3 out of 4 either way.

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