Girl Talk Q&A | Body Image Issues, Diversity in Fashion, Confidence & Empowerment | Sanne

Girl Talk Q&A | How Body Image Issues Affect Us All, Experiences Diversity in Fashion & The Positive Changes Happening Now, Our Struggles With Both Modeling & Our Confidence, How Entrepreneurship Can Lead to Self Empowerment | Sanne Vloet

Hey guys,

Can you share one positive thing you experienced, saw, or did in the past week? Anything at all, just something that you think was really positive for yourself or someone in your life! The weather in New York has been amazing so I’ve been trying to film around New York City so you guys can get a better look at NYC! So today’s guest is my friend and fellow model Aamito!

The two of us met a coupe of years ago backstage during fashion week when I was still a shy Sanne. We did a lot of shows together in Europe and lost touch for a little bit because we were never in the same city at the same time. Luckily we bumped into each other at an event and it felt like not a day had passed! Anyone else have friends that you might not see often, but that you end up connecting with so easily?

I love hearing when other models have exciting projects in the works, Aamito is no different, she is working on so many amazing things that she shares in the video! It’s always nice to sit down and talk with models about body image, goals, personal stories & journeys. Aamito’s story on how she got started in the industry is inspiring and her experiences with diversity in fashion is something I think should be spoken about and shared, especially in today’s world! Guys if any of you have stories about adversity please share below.

So NYC is a little noisy and the means that the background noise and wind in Washington Square Park wasn’t the most ideal, so I hope you guys can forgive me for that. I’m going to be upgrading my filming gear so I can have better audio this summer so if you have any recommendations on equipment that would be AMAZING!

I hope you guys all subscribe today and I can’t believe how much bigger my SQUAD has grown! If you see Max comment on any of my posts tell hi he HAS to turn on post notifications, because he hasn’t done it yet! 😂

Sending you all love and HUGS!



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29 thoughts on “Girl Talk Q&A | Body Image Issues, Diversity in Fashion, Confidence & Empowerment | Sanne”

  1. I really like you both’s personality and perspectives in life. I always feel insecure with my body and think that models mostly don’t have that insecurities in their body cause they’re like goal, gorgeous. This vdo helps me a lot to start loving myself more. I’ll always support you, Sanne. Thank you so much for making such an inspiring vdo. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi Sanne! I really loved this video, bc right now I'm struggling with accepting myself. I lost a lot of weight in the past period wich was my goal and I achieved it but now my mind is kinda playing games with me. When I look into tge mirror I feel like I've put on some weight and then I usually check my weight and I measure myself and they're the same as before, and I don't know what should I do now

  3. Hi Sanne. I'm Eva and I'm from Indonesia (Southeast Asia). I really like your channel. It's so amazing to watch your tips, suggestions to have great life and healthy life. And now I'm just starting change my life become healthy like doing workout, take Yoga in the morning and forcing to eat healthy food (less high calories food). And now I'm 22 years old (lol). Keep going Sanne, 😍

  4. I love it ! So true! I realize that not a long time ago, often when people seems not nice to me it’s usually about their own insecurities or trouble going on in their personal life’s. I use to just ignore other people attitude and feel bad about it. But one day I decided to be more transparent with my emotions and share it. It takes a lot of self control to gently face the person that just hurt you by telling them how you feel about the way they treat you, but it’s often totally worth it. It’s interesting that most of the time the reason why they treat you that way is often not related to you. It’s also a good thing to give a feedback to people’s interaction, it’s a good way to help them grow .

  5. You’re both such lovely women, inside and out! 💕 thank you for such a beautiful and important discussion on self-acceptance

  6. i love this video so so much! i really wanna be a model but i’m too scared to bring it up to my mom cuz i know i’m still young but i have such a passion for it! could u help me?❤️❤️

  7. I feel like Sanne is one of the nicest and most genuine people. Both of you girls are so beautiful and I really enjoyed your conversation. Love the videos, Sanne 🙂 xx

  8. Really enjoyed this video. Your friend is so honest and genuine, just like you :). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on various topics. I find it encouraging.

  9. I love your videos so much ! I wish I was friend with you , you seem like you are such a good friend … kisses from a Belgian girl that you really help ❤️

  10. This is really nice, I wish more models would do the same kind of talks because you have amazing experiences to share!! Really important and nice video ✨

  11. Your guest is amazing! REALEST coffee talk yet. Thank you for including a woman of color!! We need to see more diversity in the community. Xx

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