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High Street New Season Fashion Haul | SheerLuxe Show

‘Things We Love’ is back with a twist, as the team focus on the new season fashion they’re loving right now. From high street fashion favourites such as & Other Stories, Zara and New Look to great coats perfect for the winter, the team share their picks in a new season fashion haul.

Plus, we ask the experts how to master the art of the gallery wall with special guests Cara Connell, founder of Lumitrix and interiors journalist Lisa Dawson.

Georgie Coleridge Cole:
Clutch, New Look |
Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane |
Oversized Leather Jacket, Jane & Tash |
Cashmere Rob, Fig Leaves |
Cashmere Joggers, Fig Leaves |

Laura Black:
T-Shirt With Contrast Neckline, Zara |
T-Shirt With Peter Pan Collar, Zara |
Padded Rhinestone Headband, Zara |
Hooded Parka, Uniqlo |

Lu Hough:
Parka, Mix/Parka |
Sequin Mini Wrap Dress, & Other Stories |
Boots, Essen |

Heather Steele:
Faux Leather Dress, Zara |
Ruffle Midi Dress, & Other Stories |
Trigenic Flex, Clarks |

African Boy by Matilda Temperley |
Girls with the Hats by Annelie Vandendael |
Sunrise in Turkey by Laura Austin |
Land of My Father by Caroline Fraser |
Tulip “Libretto Parrot” II |
Follow Lumitrix |

Visit Lisa Dawson |
Follow Lisa Dawson |

Georgie Coleridge Cole
Top, Ba-sh |
Trousers, H&M |

Laura Black
Poplin Shirt, Zara |
Pull-On Denim Leggings, Next |

Lu Hough
Blazer, Reiss | Old
T-Shirt, Sandro | Old
Denim, Mother |
Boots, Topshop | Old
Necklace, Monica Vinader |
T-Bar Necklace, Tilly Sveaas |

Heather Steele
Midi Dress, & Other Stories |

Luxury London Apartment Home Tour With Sophie Conran |
& Other Stories Come Shopping With Me + Try On |

High Street New Season Fashion Haul

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