24 thoughts on “Met Gala 2019 red carpet and wild fashion”

  1. Met Gala 2019 was on TV. The British who were in this video are their additional personas whose names are unknown and were not on TV.

  2. except for Rami Malek, all of these very unattractive meat trucks should get facial surgery pronto, and liposuction by unqualified doctors for their ginormous butts.

  3. I can tell that they want to be over the top for the met gala but I think it's too over the top I mean can you call that a dress?

  4. Guys stop spearing hate. They most likely were having a good time. Some outfits were a little to much,yeah but it honestly isn’t that serious. Most of the comment section is hate spread some nice comments instead of negative ones. Listen to me or not just spread some love ❤️.

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