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Welcome to ‘None of Your Business’, a brand new feature where we test the business acumen of fashion’s foremost figures. First up is American beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty.

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6 thoughts on “None of Your Business with Huda Kattan | The Business of Fashion”

  1. Покажу, каким образом можно получать раз в сутки до 80 дол. на свою карту. Изучите вuдео у меня канале

  2. Thank you Huda for your advise on building a new business! Although I do use your very popular bronzer Saraha I wanted to express my appreciation for explaining how difficult it can be to get stuck in our heads and not follow through to becoming what we truly aspire at that time in our lives. Your funny and insightful thoughts on your endevour to launch your cosmetic line wasn't easy and you put the reality of starting a new business in a way that I said to myself, " WOW!" This woman has just in a way no other author or person I've spoken with has inspired me more then you Huda!
    I am sure you may relate to the countless sleepless nights, the worrying about products being made on time, money issues, the the countless enetrapouner magazines, podcasts, and the BOOKS.
    I have had a hell of a time letting go and launching my products on the internet. I am about 3 weeks out and freaked out. My new business has its trademark and is patent pending. I did launch a handmade jewelry collection along with my wonderful mother and have been a small successful with this line in my first business. She is 85 and still going strong with all of her BF's in the nursing home it's time for me to go it alone.
    You know I just thought of something right now, why not launch it live? How the hell is that going to work? How would I get anyone to watch it?
    Thank you to the Business of Fashion that was an excellent idea! Huda has inspired me I always say….RISK, LEAP, FAITH.
    Huda, I am now a subscriber and can not wait for yor next video. Bye!

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