SAM HURLEY Rates My Fashion Nova Outfits!!

which one was your favorite??

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34 thoughts on “SAM HURLEY Rates My Fashion Nova Outfits!!”

  1. Da way u position is whore poop and u better be gone and now just for this comment my account will get demonetized, y they ok with this?

  2. Why watch her videos and like her videos if all your gonna do is hate? It's honestly not worth anyone's time reading your hate message. She is a human just like any of us. She has feelings too. Of course she has friends like us. It's not like she's gonna try getting with Sam. She's dating camb. So stop being rude to people. She has a life just like us. She has been getting so much hate even for hanging out with Sam,zoe,Cody,luca and like everyone and playlist and vidcon. Stop being so rude to people who you don't even know what's going on in there social life.

  3. That guy next to same made me uncomfortable. Why was he looking at her like that he literally looks like he could be an adult

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