Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference – Angry Review

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Our Review of the Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference! A ton of games, not all of them exclusive, but many of them awesome! A Cyberpunk Surprise and some New Xbox Hardware Details! Our Thoughts on it all!

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21 thoughts on “Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference – Angry Review”

  1. Multiplat games run like trash on Xbox One. I own an Xbox One X and the ports are disappointing. Most are Xbox One quality but just rendered at a higher resolution. It’s minimal improvement since it still uses the same blurry textures and has the same poor performance.

  2. There is no reason to own an Xbox anymore for me. I will just play all the Xbox first party games on PC since all Xbox games from here on out will be on PC.

  3. And Microsoft make the same mistakes, no games ,no gameplay, only Trailers, no AAA exclusive Games, nothing – FAIL
    Buyed PS5 and stop supporting Microshit with his Weakbox.

  4. It's probably like a rebellion from Star Wars. I can easily imagine the UNSC navy and ONI scattering and plenty of hidden ONI and navy bases that even Cortana doesn't know about and other things intended for the worst case of a UNSC AI being compromised by the Covenant. There would probably also be difficulties in another way. After all, if humanity can advance and grow without conflict, enforced peace or not, and won't worry about medical or food problems due to the Created…there are going to be a lot of humans resisting the UNSC's efforts to defeat the Created. Plus, the consequences of that as well. The UNSC would need to actually take control of things or else everyone depending on the Created will then lose everything controlled by the Created (medical, food, probably transportation, protection, etc.). Especially since it's likely that any tools for such things would be destroyed by the Created to force dependence on the Created and anyone with the knowledge for farming and medical and such might well have already died or been murdered by robots by the time the Chief wakes. On the other hand, humans can control Forerunner technology.

    There is another detail to keep in mind. 343i explained the style difference between the Halo 4 and Halo 5 Forerunner tech as being a difference between Warrior-Servant tech (H4) and Builder/Builder Security tech (H5). Since Bornsteller became the new Didact way back when and supported humanity inheriting Forerunner technology and the Mantle. So, theoretically, some new trilogy of Halo games pioneered by Halo: Infinite could climax into a human-controlled fleet (and re-evolved superhumans) of Warrior-Servant ships and military stuff versus a Created-controlled Builder Security equivalent.

    From the trailer, though, I suspect that the "Cortana" in control of the Created is infected by the Logic Plague and during the infection process she broke off part of herself to became the "new" Cortana and is waiting on that Halo to re-unite with the Master Chief and kick epic ass.

  5. joe wtf where is all of the AJSA art work posters in displate store? i can"t find anything here, would be great if i could get both ajsa & a batman metal poster in one order. you have to pay for shipping to which should way cheaper. i know i saw a few of them 2 months ago but now it"s all gone. i hope you can take 5 min of your time to answer a quick question AJ.

  6. Xbox e3 was a complete shitshow the only reason why this shitbox hasn't been a complete failure is cause the American market. we at the end of this current generation and xbox are still promising they gonna release exclusives. nearly 100 million ps4 sold …. is not even a competition at this point. cyberpunk 2077 saved this stupid press conference and its not even an exclusive title xD

  7. The fat guy is so biased he's hurting the show. You don't count gears? WHy the fuck? They had 1 game? Again, can you fucking count or did you even open your eyes during the conference?

  8. Are you hating the whole Techland or just Dying Light? Becausue it's too obvious that you do. Cyberpunk has no gameplay? Sure, great. Dying Light 2 has no gameplay? Bleee. Just stop already.

  9. Yo, you dissed Gears 5 but check out that they have NO SEASON PASS. Free DLC maps. But all store content is direct, and you know what you are buying. ??? Sup joe? I think its time for you to Gears again! Hell get it all for $1 with game pass ultimate! 1,2,3,4 and 5!

  10. The whole entire press conference was just as fucking terrible as a EA press conference Phill Spencer needs to be fired forever and completely banned from Xbox and gears of war 5 looks like more trash 3 killed gears for me and Halo 5 completely killed halo for me so yeah I am just completely done with Xbox I am pretty much a Sony and Nintendo complety fanboy now and just PC mircosoft really really needs to get thier Grove back together.

  11. As an Xbox fan I’ve been pissed of cause there are just no real good games on it. I don’t barely play it anymore cause how boring it is.

  12. This is how you can tell the Console Companies are getting greedy. The last gen consoles had a lifespan of 9 years this gen the companies are only giving them 5 years. If you google there are stories touting that the Xbone and PS4 should have a life cycle of 10 years or more. This is why I am completely opting out of the next gen they are getting way to greedy you do not get a complete game and use your own storage device to correct their screw ups. The gamers now are just free beta testers that pay companies to test their incomplete games.

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